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In Mobile Homes

Dawn “Mobile Home” Erling is’s  founder and veteran mobile home investing mentor.  Dawn is a seasoned mobile home and real estate investor.  She started her real estate career at the age of 16 years old.  Over time, Erling  found that her niche really was investing in anything mobile home related.  She has invested in mobile homes for over 10 years.  Her career in mobile home investing started with a small invest from one of her retirement accounts and it just grew from there.  She is often heard saying “Mobile homes are just little tin ATM’s that spit out money each month.  I love them.  I get great returns for such a small amount invested. “

One of her passions is teaching others how to change their mindset, so they can change their future.  She has mentored thousands of new and seasoned real estate investors over the 15 plus years she has been mentoring.  Weekly, Dawn is in another market looking for new mobile home investments for herself and her students.  She has experience working with students stateside, as well as abroad.  Over the years, Erling has seen all of the reasons why new investors are successful or fail.  She has created a training program that helps you navigate around the pitfalls in the industry and starting a new business.  The best part is, this training is the actual blueprint that Dawn “Mobile Home” Erling uses for her own successful mobile home investing business.

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