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Cash Buyers & Real Estate Wholesalers: Adopt an Abundance Mentality Rather Than a Scarcity Mentality to Real Estate Investing

Recently, I met up with a local cash buyer who invests in mobile homes like I do.  We start chatting about different approaches we use and resources we have access to.  We asked each other questions about materials used to rehab and cost of labor to install.  Our conversation even covered how to find private investors and the the way we structure their promissory notes.  During that conversation, he asked me if I had a place that I could place a mobile home that he had received for free, but it needed to be moved.  I said, I can look into a few places that I know of that have vacancies and I will get back to you.  We discussed how the deal would be split and went our separate ways.  Today, I received a call from a buyer who wanted to move a mobile home out to his land.  He was even more excited after I told him the price, that we would move it for him, and we offered seller financing.The moral of the story is that you can do more deals if you are open and receptive to do more deals.  It is worth it to discuss deals and opportunites with other cash buyers and real estate wholesalers in your area of investing,  You might have a wholesale property lead and they can help you find the cash buyer.  Yes, you are going to have to share the proceeds from the sale, but you are making money from a lead that you would not have made money off of otherwise.  They might help you sell a property faster, help you find proerty faster, or they can help you pass wholesale property leads that do not meet your investment criteria onto another cash buyer.  You will be able to do more fix and flips or rentals by focusing on building local strategic alliances with fellow cash buyers and real estate wholesalers.

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